Production synopsis


Raysut Cement owns all its raw material quarries. Limestone reserves are adjacent to the plant site and characterized by the low alkality.
About 750.000 tons per annum are produced in two interfacing kilns. The plants adopt dry process technology with five stage suspension preheater, Pyroclone pre-calciner and vertical roller mill.
The two plants are totally computerized and management information is stored and processed by the advanced 515 IMS (Information Management System).,
Latest pollution control equipments have been installed by LURGI and KHD of Germany to ensure emission level well below international standard.


Ordinary Port Land Cement confirming to BS 12 & ASTM Type 1
Sulphate Resisting Cement Confirming to BS.4©27 & ASTM Type V
Oilwell Cement Class G (HSFt^Pl 10 A .
Pozzolana Well Cement

Raw Material  
Kiln gases  

1. Limestone Quarry
2. Mobile Crusher ;
3. Raw Meal Transport j
4. Pre-blending bed j
5. Additive Transport
6. Raw Grinding Mill
7. Electrostatic Precipitator
8. Blending / Storage Silos
9. Preheater Tower
10. Rotary Kiin
11. Clinker Silos
12. Cement Grinding Mill
13. Cement Silos
14. Packing Plant
15. Fuel Oil Tanks





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